1. FEES: All fees are charged by the day, to include the day of arrival and the day of departure. Animals collected by 11.00am on day of departure will not be charged for that days board. If you return home early you are still liable to pay the full amount.

    1. Payments for boarding fees and other services may be made by cash, direct lodgement to our bank (account and sort code will be supplied by Sally upon request) or you can pay through your Paypal account using our email address All payments to be made prior to or upon collection of your pup/pups.

  2. OUT OF HOURS:  Drop off and collection hours are as detailed on our homepage which we strictly adhere to. We do not open on Sunday’s. 

  3. VACCINATIONS: All pets accepted for boarding must be accompanied by an up to date current vaccination certificate. Vaccination against Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) is required. 

  4. VETERINARY FEES: Any veterinary fees are the responsibility of the client and must be paid at the time of check out.

  5. BELONGINGS: All belongings left on the premise are left at the client’s risk. Due to Health and Safety regulations we will supply all bedding, dishes and towels etc.

  6. PETS SHARING: Dogs from the same household may share. This is at the owner’s risk.  If there are any issues during the stay and the pets have to be accommodated separately additional costs will occur.

  7. NON COLLECTION: If you fail to collect any pet(s) within seven days of the agreed due date of departure without communication with the kennel owner Sally, we will have no option but to take necessary measures to re-home or take what action they deem necessary.  

  8. VETERINARY CARE: Owners agree to give their authority to the Kennel Owner to consult a veterinary surgeon for treatment or to obtain information, to ensure the animals well being.

  9. MARKETING: No information held will be used for any purposes, except those required by law. We occasionally use pictures of the pets we have staying on social media sites such as Facebook, our on our website and marketing material. If you are NOT happy for us to use photos of your pets please inform Sally.

  10. OWNERS: must agree to board their animals on the understanding that although every possible care and attention will be given; the animals are boarded entirely at their owner’s risk.