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Dog Boarding Kennels Ballymena


Sally  has devoted her life to her love of dogs. She has been working with them for 50 years and has owned and run Bed & Biscuit Dog Kennels for 35 years. Your pup could not be left in better hands. She has also had her own dogs shown at many competitions including Crufts. 

Our Kennels

There are 6 standard kennels, each kennel is individually heated which are adjustable and always used when needed.

The Kennels are divided into three sections. First of all at the rear are the heated sections which are fitted out with baskets, dishes, blankets and towels. A door separates the interior kennel from the smaller individual runs that then lead out to the large run in front which is opened at exercise times.

Your pups are allowed to have toys of their own but feeding bowls and blankets etc are supplied by ourselves for the sake of hygiene and simplicity.

All food is to be supplied by the owner. I have learned over the years that dogs do not generally take well to sudden changes in diet. We will take great care to ensure that your pup receives its food strictly according to your instructions. Shared dogs can be fed separately if required. Also, if your dog is on medication it can be administered by myself if required. 

We also have 6 enclosed kennels with no individual small run which can be suitable for dogs who maybe just like their own space. These kennels also lead to a larger enclosed run. 

Kennels can be shared as follows, if you have more than one dog we do not allow two large dogs to share a single kennel.

Single dog – single kennel

1 large and 1 small dog – shared single kennel

2 Small dogs – Shared single kennel

All dogs are free to use their runs until they settle in the evening at which time the separating door to their kennel will be closed.



Feeding will be as per your request. Your dogs will be free to play in the large run while their kennel is being thoroughly cleaned.


Dogs will be allowed to run free in the gardens at various times but never with other unknown dogs which is a rule we strictly adhere to at all times.

Night Time

As stated earlier your pup will be free to move between their smaller run and kennel until they decide to settle for the evening.

Special Needs

If your dog has any special needs please talk to Sally prior to booking and she will  do everything possible to facilitate their needs.

Other Dogs

Your dog will at no time mix with other dogs other than your own.


You supply all food. It’s always preferable to avoid upset tummies!

Opening Times

Dog Drop Off and Collection Times

Monday to Saturday

9:30am – 1:00pm

6:00pm – 7:00pm



Running a dog kennel requires a very long working week and for this reason we do not open on Sundays!


Dog Size Price
One Small Dog up to Medium | Per Kennel
£17.00 per day
One Medium Dog up to Large | Per Kennel
£20.00 per day
Two Small Dogs up to Medium | Per Kennel Sharing
£27.00 per day
Two Medium Dogs up to Large | Per Kennel Sharing
£32.00 per day
One Large Dog | Per Kennel
£20.00 per day
Large & Small Dog | Per Kennel Sharing
£30.00 per day
Overnight Stay | Per Dog

Prices are charged per day. For example, if you leave your pup on a Friday at any time and collect the following Monday after 11am, the charge will be for four days. If you collect before 11am you will not be charged for the 4th day.

Once you have arranged your pups stay with Sally, a £25.00  holding deposit per dog is payable. 


When you arrive on the drop-off day we need a completed form detailing your pups name, veterinary practice and some details about yourself etc. If you are connected to a printer click the button below you will be able to print of the form and have it completed before your arrival. Don’t panic if you cannot print or forget to do so! you can still complete a copy here when you arrive.


Please use our private car park at the entrance of the kennel and do not park on the road outside. Also it is a good idea to keep your pup on a leash until they are safely within the secured kennel areas.



We would love to hear your opinion, please click the link below if you would like to leave
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Damson Cottage, 133 Lisnevenagh Rd, Shankbridge, Ballymena BT42 2LN

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